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about me

I live on a hobby farm with my husband, dog, (Mr. Bo Jangles aka BJ) and lots of other animals.  I started using doterra products in 2014.  I opened the door to my doterra business in 2015.  i am the CEO of Oil Up! with your essentials.  which has allowed me to offer an easier way to maintain a healthier lifestyle to so many people.   I love knowing I am bringing the best possible product to you.   Being a hobby farmer, I know the importance of sustainable farming.  doTERRA's Co-Impact sourcing and sustainable farming practices are something I stand behind and pass on with confidence. As an entrepreneur for over 30 years and a hobby farmer, I am all about saving time & finding an easier (and less stressful) way to get a "job" done.  
 I have incorporated doterra into every aspect of our lives.  Yep, even the animals.  I can't imagine our life without them. I know they'll have an impact in your life and can't wait for you to try them!

I am a doTERRA Platinum leader and have helped 3 other teams grow their own businesses.  I love working with people who are keenly aware of their personal & professional goals.  Through my educational programs and/or mentoring, I help leaders reach those goals.  by you creating a way to live a healthier and fulfilling life, you will positively impact your family, friends, this earth now and future generations. I look forward to hearing from you.

My favorite oil routine lately is 2 drops each Copaiba, Grapefruit and Frankincense under the tongue.  Great for my liver!

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